Agent FAQ

Where can I send a new contract?2023-04-07T05:41:56+00:00

All new contracts can be sent via email to ORDERS@MJHFIRM.COM

Where can I find your fee schedule?2023-04-07T05:42:46+00:00

Our fees can be found through our free TITLE QUOTE APP.

Input the sales price and/or loan amount to obtain an accurate estimate of your client’s closing costs, which will include our firm’s fees for closing.

How do I register for access to the MJH portal?2023-04-07T05:44:06+00:00

Once our firm has opened a file for your closing, first-time users will receive an email from our system asking them to register for an account.

Once registered, you will not have to re-register for other transactions with our firm!

I have access to the portal, does my client?2023-04-07T05:44:35+00:00

As long as a client’s email is provided to us with the contract, they will receive an email invitation to register for portal access!

What if my client already has an account but forgot their password?2023-06-17T02:34:25+00:00

Previously registered users can visit the MJH PORTAL and click on the “forgot password” button and use their email address to reset their password.

How can I protect my client from wire fraud?2023-06-17T02:35:34+00:00

Visit our WIRE FRAUD PROTECTION GUIDE to learn how to best protect your client and yourself from falling victim to fraud.

Buyer Checklist

Fulfill your lender’s loan requirements

  • Lock in rate and loan terms and understand the time limit before terms expire.

  • Satisfy all underwriter conditions including the timely return of all requested items and be prepared with tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, employment history, etc.

  • Once your application has been submitted, do not make any large purchases or apply for any new loans or credit cards. Changes to your financial situation prior to closing could delay closing and put you at risk of failing the underwriting process.

Choose homeowner’s
insurance provider

  • Upon selecting your provider, be sure to forward proof of coverage and invoice to the lender and closing attorney’s office ASAP!

  • Confirm with your agent or lender if a policy of flood insurance is required*

    *Although a flood policy may not be required, MJH strongly recommends obtaining one due to our geographical location on the coast

Know your deadlines

  • When does your rate lock expire?

  • How long is your due diligence period for inspections?
  • When does the contract expire in the event there is a delay
    in closing?

It’s closing day – what do I bring?

  • Two forms of identification

    • Credit or debit cards cannot be accepted.
    • One form of ID must have a photo
  • Certified funds or proof of wire confirmation

    • We suggest bringing a checkbook to closing in case of any last-minute changes by your lender​
  • If an individual is signing as Power of Attorney, he or she must bring the original POA to closing

Follow up with your lender and closing attorney

  • Ensure there are no outstanding items necessary for closing that could cause a delay.

  • Review your loan estimate – Be prepared to bring appropriate funds for closing if necessary.
  • Confirm the closing package is being prepared by the lender and sent to the closing attorney.

  • Review your final Closing Disclosure.

  • Make final arrangements to obtain funds needed for closing.

Perform final walk

  • Ensure the property is in the same condition as it was when you went under contract.

  • Verify the completion of any repairs or items that were to be addressed during the inspection period

Helpful tips

  • Arrange the transfer of house keys, gate keys, garage door openers, etc. with the seller or agent.

  • Be sure to update your mailing address with the USPS, family & friends as well as financial institutions and other bills.

  • Transfer utilities, cable/internet services, etc. in your name to avoid disruption of services.

Seller Checklist

Schedule repairs

  • Prepare for the home inspection and be sure all utilities are on

  • Review the terms of the contract and schedule any repairs that were included – all repairs should be completed and approved by the buyer prior to closing

  • Gather contact information regarding any HOA, current mortgages, and/or equity lines of credit.

Follow up with the closing attorney

  • Provide all applicable information to the closing attorney’s office, such as contact information for the HOA or mortgage companies and any lines of credit.

  • Be sure to provide your forwarding contact information in order to receive documents and funds from closing.
  • Complet your W-9 and upload it to the MJH PORTAL.

Post-closing process

  • Sellers will be provided at closing with a signed copy of the Settlement Statement.

  • Fully executed documents will be sent via secure email once all closing conditions have been met.

  • Any proceeds due to the seller will be released upon satisfaction of all funding requirements.

Wire Fraud 101

In 2021, 11,578 people nationwide reported losing $350.33 million to real estate scams, which was a 64% increase from the previous year. Often, scammers will use a broker’s real name to create a fake email, which gives the fraud more legitimacy. Criminals will often only subtly change one letter, symbol, or number of an email address. These scammers will count on being able to manipulate you into believing that these spoofed communications are real, which can lead you to download malicious software, send money, or disclose personal, financial, or other sensitive information.

So, what can I do?

McManamy Jackson Hollis is committed to the safety and security of our clients and their funds. Therefore, we have implemented a strict and unwavering process when it comes to wiring funds in and out of our office. We very strongly advise you to not send any money to our office unless you have verbally confirmed our bank information over the phone with an employee, and we will not send funds to sellers without verbally confirming their information over the phone.


  • DO make sure to verbally confirm wire instructions with our office before wiring any funds.

  • DO call your paralegal to verify the amount you need to wire for your closing.
  • DO alert our office immediately if you receive wire instructions via email or that you believe may be fraudulent.

  • DO call your local FBI branch immediately if you feel you have fallen victim to wire fraud.


  • DON’T send your personal bank information to people you do not know or have not spoken to before.

  • DON’T send any funds to our office without calling to verify our wire instructions.

  • DON’T accept wire instructions via an unsecured email. We will NEVER send our instructions through email.

  • DON’T believe everything you read. If you receive an email that appears suspicious, contact our office immediately.

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